BWYS Group

Local SEO, Responsive, Website Design, Analytic

BWYS Group of Companies is a well-established company in Malaysia providing the best in scaffolding systems, multi truss & frame systems, advanced metal roofing, total storage solutions and steel pipes. BWYS is highly regarded as a market leader in Malaysia with highest integrity and research based products & solutions, especially scaffolding. Having a strong foothold in Asia, mainly South East Asia, “Brilliant Works” (BWYS) is synonymous to the affiliate companies within the group of BWYS always aspiring to serve customers with a unique identity, integrity and innovation.



  1. Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling
  2. Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience
  3. Improve the experience and usability of the Store Finder via robust Google Maps API integrations
  4. Create a more user-friendly and more visual product story with improved navigation and filtering
  5. Create a user-friendly Resources section with filtering and searching to ensure maximum value to user
  6. Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  7. Corporate Identity Design 
    • Logos (1 item)
    • Business Card (1 item)
    • Letter Head / Official Document
    • Lanyard with Corp. ID Card
    • Souvenir / Corp gift (2 items)
    • Advertising placement / guide
    • Products / Catalogs / Poster 
    • Advertisement design 

Style Concepts

BWYS has evolved since its inception and has progressively been serving both local markets in Malaysia and international customers. Driven by continuous improvement, BWYS has continued to transform to achieve a highly successful and proven business structure aimed to sustain required operations. For Brilliant Works; a structure of group of companies and functional departments has evolved due to our vast expansion to cover larger scope of works through shared resources, optimisation on synergistic workflow, collaboration for yield excellence and succession planning. Together with new emphasis and investments into Research and Development (R&D) for creation of “New-To-The-World” solutions; this new cohesive and coherent corporate structure has been envision as our foundation towards the aspiration of becoming a public listed company in Malaysia.

so it was important for the website redesign to fit into their new look and feel. The palette emphasizes Red, white & darker colours . The clean, dynamic typography evokes BWYS’s commitment, responsible, trustworthy brand personality.